IV Nutrition Therapy – What is it and how can it help me?

From Katie Perry to Madonna, all the A-listers are lining up to roll up their sleeves for the newest fad to hit Hollywood – IV nutrition therapy. With celebs swearing by this therapy, it leaves you wondering, what if IV nutrition therapy and how can it help me?
IV nutrition therapy is an infusion of specific vitamins and minerals that is given intravenously. Proponents of the therapy claim that by bypassing the gastrointestinal tract you are able to provide higher doses of vitamins directly to the cells that need it most. It is considered to be a far more efficient way of replenishing your body with vital nutrients and especially beneficial to people with absorption issues. From an energy or immune system boost to healthy skin and sports recovery, there are a variety of reasons that people whose to get their vitamin fix by IV.

What is in it?
IV nutrition therapy can contain a combination of any of the following elements:

Vitamin C
This vitamin is well known for it’s immune boosting properties and its ability to fight colds and flu. While it can be taken as a pill, your digestive system will only allow a certain amount to be released into your bloodstream at a time. IV nutrition therapy bypasses this process and delivers high doses of this immune boosting super-vitamin right where you need it most.
Also known for it’s cancer-fighting properties, early studies in mice have shown intravenous vitamin C to aid chemotherapy fight cancer cells while having a protective effect on normal healthy cells. While more research is needed to prove this effect, the results are promising.

B Vitamins
These are the energy vitamins that can help revive you after a long work week or jet lag. This group of vitamins are vital in creating energy from the food you eat and help create red blood cells, the oxygen-carrying cells in your blood. Low levels of certain B vitamins can cause diseases such as anemia.

Magnesium is a powerful mineral involved in many processes in the body including the muscles and nerves. This is the relaxing mineral known for giving you that relaxed and happy feeling you often get after a treatment. It is also important in muscle cell function so is very beneficial for sports recovery. Magnesium help keep your blood pressure normal, your heart rhythm steady and keep your bones strong. If you are not able to get enough magnesium in your diet you can end up with elevated inflammation markers, which is associated with major health problems such as heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes and certain cancers . If you take medications for acid stomach or have bowel absorption diseases such as Crohn’s disease your ability to absorb magnesium in your digestive tract can be impaired. Taking IV nutrition therapy can bypass that faulty digestive system getting your magnesium strait to your cells.

This mineral is a powerful immune booster, known for its ability to help you fight off bacteria and viruses. It is also helpful to speed wound healing. Low levels of zinc can cause hair and skin issues as well as reducing male libido.

Amino Acids
Amino acids are small molecules that make up protein. When you eat protein, your body breaks it down into single amino acids, then uses them to create new proteins that your body needs for muscle and tissue repair and immune system functioning. Athletes and body builders also swear by amino acids to help repair tissue and build more lean muscle. Similarly, amino acids can help your body recover from surgery or injury .

This is the secret to IV nutrition’s anti-aging power. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that can help fight aging, cancers, and chronic diseases such as heart disease, dementia and more . To understand antioxidants think of aging as rust building up on your cells. Antioxidants work by preventing oxidation, or rust, from building up and speeding up aging or causing chronic diseases. Glutathione is produced in your body by your liver but toxins from a poor diet, pollution, stress, and infections can deplete your levels. Glutathoine is a protein, so if you take it as a pill you will digest it and lose any beneficial effects from it. When glutathione is infused through IV nutrition therapy it bypasses the digestive system and works immediately to fight the damaging effects of oxidation and free radicals .

Who should get it?
IV nutrition therapy is for anyone who needs a boost in their energy levels or immune system.
Energy Boost and Stress Relief
People who travel a lot, or who simply burn the midnight oil especially love the energy and health boost that IV nutrition therapy can give you. The B vitamins, magnesium and other nutrients in IV Nutrition Therapy can fight against the stresses of life, decreasing anxiety and blood pressure, and making you feel happier and calmer. These vitamins can also help your body turn food into energy, boosting your motivation and help you perform at your best.
Immunity and Disease Prevention
The antioxidants in IV Nutrition therapy such as Glutathione, Vitamin C, and Amino Acids can not only protect against chronic disease but boost your immune system to avoid getting sick and help protect you from bacteria and viruses.
Sports and Injury Recovery
It is also great for athletes or for people recovering from injuries. Many of the elements in IV Nutrition are excellent at helping your body repair damaged tissues and reduce inflammation.
Hangover Cure
The extra fluids and vitamins are a great way to fight a nasty hangover. Vitamin B12 can help the body metabolize alcohol and give you extra energy. Electrolytes can help fight against dehydration, helping you to recover faster from a night of overindulgence.
Weight loss
Specialized formulas for weight loss are excellent at boosting your body’s metabolism and burn more fat for energy. Also, the vitamins and nutrients in IV nutrition therapy are great for supplementing your diet when you are on a restrictive diet. The energy boost received from the B vitamins can also help keep you active and motivated in your weight loss journey.
The powerful antioxidants in IV nutrition therapy give you a shot of youth and vitality, helping to protect your cells against free radicals and oxidization keeping your hair, skin, and nails youthful and healthy and giving you an inner glow.
Experiencing a lowered libido can be embarrassing and make you loose confidence. Iv nutrition therapy can help to boost your libido the natural way with a customized formula of vitamins and nutrients that relax blood vessels and increase blood flow.

Iv nutrition therapy is a safe and effective way to restore your body’s vital nutrients helping to restore energy, fight against aging and disease, and recover from illness or injury.
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